How to Sell Us Your Land

Note: We are currently purchasing only  land. This could be large acreage, infill lots, or entire portfolios. Please do not request a purchase for your home, our buying criteria is very specific. 


If you'd like an offer on your land, please mail back the form you received in the mail or follow the directions below. 

Digitial Request:  Email the information below to so we can assess your property (or properties) and get you an offer.  

1) Owner Names (that appear on Deed)

2) County the Property (or properties) are in.

2) Parcel ID#'s (should be on your annual tax form or available at your tax assessors office)

3) Your Phone Number

4) Email Address

6) Current Realtor

7) Amount Owed on Property

8) Describe and liens or judgments on property

9) Amount of Yearly HOA fees.

10) Any restrictions or issues you know of with the property. 

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