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What Does Your Easy 5-Step Buying Process Look Like?

We have bought quite a few properties over the years and we've simplified the process so you can sell your land quickly for cash and not have to deal with a long drawn out process.

Step 1: Fill out the form you received in the mail and mail us the information about your land (please write neatly and fill in all fields)

Step 2: Wait for an offer (typically 7-10 days but can be quicker)

Step 3: Once you receive the offer, if you like it, simply sign it and mail it back to accept it. Since we pay all closing costs, your offer will contain the exact amount you will receive at closing.

Step 4: Wait for the title company to let you know the time/date of closing and work with them to sign the proper papers.

Step 5: Receive and cash your cashiers check.

Note: All of our sales our handled through a title company with title insurance and we can usually close in 2 weeks.

Using a title company protects both you (the seller) and us (the buyer).

They work as an escrow agent so we will not have access to your deed until we sign everything and submit funding.

This keeps everything clean and mitigates risk for both parties.

If you have further questions, please contact us at the number on your form or email

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